"Quality Plants at Competitive Prices"

"Quality Plants at Competitive Prices"
Annuals - "Season-Long Colors"
Annuals provide instant and season-long color.  Most annuals are in bloom when planted and will stay in bloom until they are killed by a heavy frost in the fall.

Uses for annuals are in mass plantings in beds and borders.  They are also used in an arrange of containers from window boxes to hanging baskets.  They also make nice fillers in the perennial garden.

Herbs - "Fresh Smells and Tastes"
Herbs are grown for their beauty or for their practical uses - either way, you'll continue to learn the basics of growing herbs, using their unique attributes and enjoying everything that they have to offer.

Herbs can be integrated into any garden setting or they can be grown together in an area of their own.  Herbs can be planted in a vegetable garden for aesthetic purposes to use space more efficiently or as a companion plant for the benefits they provide.

Perennials - "Sequence of Changing Colors"
A carefully planned perennial garden provides continuous flowering from early spring through late fall.  Ornamental grasses and plants with persistent flowers have winter interest, too.  Combine perennials with annuals, ground covers, shrubs and trees to create a spectacular landscape that is continually changing in texture, form and color.

The primary uses of perennials are in beds and borders.  Perennials may also be used for ground covers on sites where grass is not desirable or in shaded areas.  They may also work as soil stabilizers in ditches or on small hills.  Rock gardens are another classic use for perennials.  Such plantings rely heavily on small alpine plants for best effect.

Roses - "One of the Most Popular Garden Beauties"
Roses are one of the most popular garden flowers.  They can be grown in almost all areas and area adapted to many decorative purposes.

Vegetables - "Fresh and Nutritious
Having fresh produce is one of the greatest advantages of growing a garden.  When produce is readily available, it's easier to plan and cook nutritious meals.

Gardening can be enjoyable and being in the sunshine and fresh air can add to the enjoyment.  Gardening is a great family project and an excellent opportunity for children to learn about nature.  The harvest will provide a great sense of accomplishment - something that you can share with friends, family, neighbors, and those in

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